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Bunty is an original 1963 factory built convertible in Old English White,  with a red hood and red interior, she also has a vintage lugage rack on her boot.  Bunty has been used as a wedding car over the years by previous owners, as well as touring Europe.  She is in original condition and very much loved.  

Bunty .jpg
Syd Antony.JPG

S y d

Syd is a 1968 Traveller, in a beautiful shade of  duck egg blue with a pale blue interior.  Syd joined the family over 20 years ago.

Something Old

Something New

Something Borrowed


Something Blue  

D i l l y 

Dilly is a 1958 post production convertible in Old English White with a beautiful maroon hood and interior.  Dilly has recently joined the family, she is a very experienced wedding car, being in service for over  18 years.

Dylis 3.jpg
Alice 1.jpg

A l i c e

Alice is  a 1967 Smoke Grey 2 door saloon, she is my every day car, not often used for weddings but she buffs up well, her and Syd make a dashing pair.

B u m b l e

Bumble is also a daily drive,  she is an alternative Morris Minor, she has been "Ratted" by a previous owner, a 1966 4 door, matt black with a yellow roof, a fun car if you are looking for something a bit different from the traditional wedding car, shes a little rough around the edges but we love her.

Project Monty.jpg

P r o j e c t

M o n t y

Watch this space, Monty is a Morris Minor Pickup, he will be available for Town and Country weddings from 2022.

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